Placing an Order

Register as a customer to create an account and browse through our craft products to find what you would like to order and have delivered in Australia.

Once you have found a craft item you want, fill in the quantity you would like and select the ‘add to cart’ button.

You can view your shopping trolley at any time by simply selecting ’your shopping cart’ in the right hand corner of your page. If you would like to go back to shop for more craft product just select the ‘continue shopping’ button.

If you would like to save the craft items you have placed in your trolley because you haven’t time to finish the order, you can select the ‘add to wish list’ button. This will store the craft items in your wish list and you can return later to add them back into your shopping trolley. You can then add or remove craft items and continue shopping or go straight on through to the checkout.

When you select ’your shopping cart’,your craft order will display in full. If you want to add other craft items, simply select the ‘continue shopping’ button. If you wish to alter a quantity you can change the number in the cart and select the ‘update basket’ button which will recalculate everything for you. To remove a craft product, select the red ‘x’ next to the item in your basket. Those crafty little web-nuts will recalculate your order for you and refresh the basket.

When you proceed to the checkout, your order will again display for you to confirm. As you go through the checkout steps, you will be asked to review your billing and delivery address within Australia. If these are correct you will then go to payment options of either Direct Deposit via your bank or Paypal.

After your craft order has been placed, you will receive an email as confirmation.

Your craft order will be shipped once payment has been confirmed and you will receive an Australia Post tracking number via email.

When you receive your craft order, we will include a tax invoice for your records.